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Thank you for your interest in E. EXCEL. To start the sponsoring process, please choose the type of Distributor you would like to be.
Become a Distributor
Club of Excellence Requirements

As a valued Club of Excellence member you will have access to many benefits including discount prices, COE bonuses, and shipping discounts. Choose from one of three ways to join the Club!
  1. Join with a 1K Pack purchase
    • A minimum of $1,250 in product for $1,000 USD
    • A free Distributor Kit included with 1K Pack
    • An Autoship order is required 100 CV minimum
    • 1000 QV spread over 3 months as 700 QV, 150 QV/CV, and 150 QV/CV
  2. Join with an Excelerator Pack purchase
    • Purchase of an Excelerator Pack (multiple products at a minimum 40% discount)
    • A free Distributor Kit included with Excelerator Pack
    • An Autoship order of 100 CV minimum is required
  3. Join with a minimum custom order purchase
    • Purchase your choice of products totaling $175 USD
    • Purchase a $25 Distributor Kit
    • An Autoship order of 100 CV minimum is required
Become a Preferred Customer
Distributor Requirements

As a Distributor you will receive wholesale prices and promotions and receive access to backoffice tools to manage your business.
  • $25 Distributor Kit