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Millennium® is a delicious beverage that combines the same prickly pear cactus found within Celebration, plus with royal jelly and honey. In 1996, E. EXCEL’s revolutionary Millennium formulation won first place at the Conference of World Traditional Medicine.

5 • 200 ml cartons

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Prickly Pear Cactus, Royal Jelly, Honey

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Millennium® Packaging Change Questions & Answers

Why is E. EXCEL changing the Millennium packaging?

At E. EXCEL, we are always looking for ways to provide fresher, safer products to our consumers. Continually searching for state-of-the-art packaging is just one of the ways we maintain our emphasis on quality products.

Is the Millennium formulation changing with this packaging change?
No, only the packaging is changing. It will contain the same Millennium formulation you have previously been receiving in Cheer Pack form.
Where does the new packaging come from?
Millennium uses paper cartons made from EP-PAK (GL Film), which is a patented, state-of-the-art technology from Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Founded in 1900, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. is a listed company with over 48,000 employees, and it is one of the most established and reputable companies in Japan.
Is this the same type of packaging used in a milk carton?
No. Milk cartons are typically made from paperboard coated with a single layer of waterproof plastic, generally polyethylene. Tiny impurities may enter the product and contaminate it. In addition, it may leak when used with high-sodium or highly acidic liquids, and it has a shorter shelf life.
What makes EP-PAK (GL Film) a better choice?

Unlike a milk carton, the EP-PAK (GL Film) provides five layers of barrier protection from impurities in the external environment. This protects consumers’ health and safety. It does not leak, even when used with high-sodium or highly acidic liquids, because it has superior multilayered coating with GL Film and sealing. In addition, EP-PAK (GL Film) is fully sealed using the patented Edge Protect structure. This means a longer shelf life for the product.

What are the benefits of Millennium’s new packaging?
  • Freshness
  • Portable
  • Convenience
  • Tamper-proof spout
  • Re-sealable
  • Prevents Leaks
  • Protects from contamination
  • Provides long shelf life
  • Prevents nutrient loss