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<em>1-SHAPE™ Lite</em>

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1-SHAPE™ Lite

Healthy Weight | Digestive System | Low Sugar | Vegan Friendly

A healthy non-GMO soy-based weight management beverage for those with special dietary, low-sugar needs.

30 • 14 g packets

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Non-GMO Soy, Psyllium Husk & American Ginseng

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1-SHAPE Lite
For Healthy Weight Management


  • Helps you feel full longer
  • Provides fiber and protein
  • Helps avoid fatigue
  • Helps manage weight

For some, losing weight is truly a health concern, not just a matter of vanity,. If you have more than just a few stubborn pounds to lose, you might want to consider 1‑SHAPE Lite!

Made with only soy, American ginseng and psyllium husk, this lighter version of 1-SHAPE has only 50 calories per serving, and may help you lose a little faster than 1-SHAPE, without damaging your health through fad diets and diet drugs. You get the benefit of soy’s complete protein to help curb appetite, psyllium husk for beneficial fiber and that full, satisfied feeling, and American ginseng to help boost your metabolism and keep you energized!

Soy:  Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate will be. Not eating enough protein to build or maintain muscle results in less muscle available to burn calories. Soy contains complete, high-quality protein, as well as calcium, folic acid, fiber, vitamins and phytochemicals, and is low in fat and cholesterol free. As such, it’s a perfect protein for dieters!
American Ginseng:   A low-calorie diet often brings fatigue and a weakened immune system. American ginseng energizes when you are tired, and calms when you are stressed. Packed with fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, and B-vitamins, American ginseng helps keep activity levels up and your immune system strong!

Psyllium Husk:   Fiber aids weight control by expanding in the stomach and forming a gel-like consistency, delaying the rate at which foods leave the stomach and making us feel full longer. The fiber in psyllium husk helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, control blood sugar levels and promote heart health.

1-SHAPE Lite comes in a box of 30 individually packaged servings, just mix with 8 oz or more of water and consume quickly. One packet half an hour before lunch and dinner may help you eat less at those meals, and 1-SHAPE Lite contains only 50 calories per serving.

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1-SHAPE™ Lite Questions & Answers


What is the difference between 1-SHAPE Lite and 1-SHAPE?


1-SHAPE Lite does not contain vegetables, fruits or fructose, as 1-SHAPE does, making it suitable for those on low-sugar diets and those with special dietary needs. Also, one packet of 1-SHAPE contains 70 calories, and 1-SHAPE Lite contains only 50 calories.


Since 1-SHAPE Lite has no fruits or fructose, is it better than 1-SHAPE?


1-SHAPE Lite and 1-SHAPE differ slightly in their ingredients. 1-SHAPE Lite has slightly more fiber, while 1-SHAPE has more antioxidants from its fruits and vegetables. In other aspects of nutrient and protein content, they are very similar. Both products aid in weight management, help you get back in shape and live life to the fullest. Choose the product that better suits your needs.


Each package of 1-SHAPE is 18g. Why is each package of 1-SHAPE Lite only 14g?


1-SHAPE Lite does not contain the fruits and vegetables found in 1-SHAPE, hence the difference in weight.


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