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<em>Refresh™ Herbal Tea Beverage</em>

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Refresh™ Herbal Tea Beverage

Offering the rich nutrients found in barley, mushroom and asparagus, with a warm, delicious flavor, Refresh™ Herbal Tea Beverage, helps maintain healthy kidney function.

60 • 2 g packets

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blend [barley leaf powder, natural lemon flavor with other natural flavors, asparagus powder, shiitake mushroom powder, reishi mushroom (ganoderma) powder, morinda citrifolia fruit powder, cassia bark powder], maltodextrin


  • Helps cleanse kidneys
  • Enhances kidney function
  • No caffeine

As living standards rise, eating out is a frequent, if not daily, experience for many people. Diets high in salt, monosodium glutamate, fat and sugar burden the body and prevent it from functioning at its optimum level. The kidneys are important filter organs in the body — they help to purge metabolic wastes and excess substances from the body. They also regulate blood pressure. Malfunctioning kidneys disrupt the body’s normal functioning and weaken its immunity, as well as impair vision.

Refresh is specially formulated to enhance the functioning of the kidneys. Frequent consumption of Refresh may revitalize you and help you maintain a well-cleansed, healthy body.

Refresh is a delicious, non-caffeinated, herbal tea beverage that is high in phytonutrients and ideal for optimal health maintenance. Drink it any time of the day or night, warm or cold.

Refresh comes in a box of 60 individual servings.