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Digestive System | No Sugar

Helps to support balanced digestive function.*

100 capsules

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Perilla, Tangerine Peel, Chinese Red Date, Licorice Root, Ginger, Chinese Quince Fruit


  • Aids Proper Digestion
  • Comforts the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Supports Immunity
  • Enhances Vital Energy

To supply our body with optimal nutrition, our digestive system requires
a proper balance of digestive enzymes, acids, bile salts and intestinal flora. When this balance is disrupted, we may experience acute discomfort or even long term effects like malnutrition or damage to the gastrointestinal organs from excess acid. Besides poor dietary habits, age and emotional stress can
cause such imbalances. D•I balances the digestive process to help nourish the body and comfort the stomach and intestinal tract.

How D•I Works

D•I combines aromatic herbs with adaptogens to help correct the body’s chemistry and energy levels. Aromatic herbs stimulate gastric secretions such as enzymes, acids and bile. Adaptogens help the body to normalize itself when it becomes overactive or underactive, making D•I beneficial for those with either too much or not enough acid and enzymes. D•I also includes papaya, a natural source of protein-digesting enzymes. As we age, our abilty to digest proteins declines, affecting our energy levels, muscle
tone and immunity. By supporting proper protein metabolism, we help maintain our youth and vitality.

Nutritional Immunology Formulation

Digestion is fueled by the energy from enzymes produced by both our body and our foods. Each of these enzymes requires a specific pH to work, which means we need adequate levels of acid in the stomach and bile in the intestines. Unfortunately, most people rely on acid reducers to provide temporary relief when they experience indigestion. D•I is formulated to correct imbalances in the digestive process rather than simply shut down acid production in the stomach.