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Chinese royalty and the coastal people of Asia have long used pearl powder as a source of bone-building calcium. They believe that oral consumption of pearl powder results in lustrous, pure, beautiful skin. Pearl™ is a unique formula that also addresses the female reproductive system.*

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pearl powder (Margarita), luffa stem and fruit, jujube (Chinese date) fruit, dong quai root, ginseng root, royal jelly, chrysanthemum flower, licorice root, oriental lotus seed


  • Maintain Youthful Skin, Nails, Hair and Bones
  • Contributes to Improved Mood and Tranquilitye
  • Supports the Kidneys and Fluid Balance
  • Soothes the Liver
  • Contributes to a Youthful Appearance
  • Cleanses the Body and Mind

Our appearance on the outside is a strong indication of our health on the
inside. Stress, lack of rest, nutrient deficiencies and absence of antioxidants and phytochemicals in our diet affect not only our appearance, but our overall health and vitality. Pearl combines nutrient-rich, soothing and rejuvenating ingredients to naturally enhance health and beauty.

How Pearl Works

Minerals make up our bones, help maintain muscle mass and function, contribute to skin elasticity and build strong hair, teeth and nails. To properly absorb and utilize minerals, our blood and tissues must maintain a balanced pH and our kidneys must regulate mineral and fluid balance throughout the body. Pearl helps regulate pH, build strong bones and maintain skin elasticity. Herbs in Pearl have been shown to support the kidneys and proper fluid balance. Others help protect and revitalize our appearance by reducing damaging free radicals caused by mental and emotional stress. As a bonus, adaptogens and harmonizing ingredients regulate hormones and improve circulation, affecting skin tone, clarity of the eyes and healthy hair and nails.

Nutritional Immunology Formulation

Pearl’s key ingredient—water-soluble pearl powder and the calcium it contains—may be invaluable for promoting mental and emotional health, in addition to enhancing appearance and improving integrity of skin, muscle and bone structure. Plus, Pearl contains a blend of herbs that contain phytochemicals and polysaccharides that calm and soothe the nervous system and harmonize functions of the endocrine system to help minimize the physical effects of mental and emotional stress. Finally, Pearl includes adaptogenic herbs and bee pollen to help normalize digestion and circulation and increase vital energy.