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Vitality | Vegan Friendly| No Sugar

Healthy Cellular Metabolic Support and Contains B12*

100 capsules
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What is unique about Vegaplex™?

Vegaplex™ is formulated with vitamin B12 and includes natural wholefood botanical ingredients which are known to contain Vitamin C, iron, and polysaccharides. Research has shown that Vitamin C may enhance the absorption of iron. Vitamin B12 is important for vegans, vegetarians, and those who may not be able to absorb enough vitamin B12 from their diet. These ingredients play a key role in supporting healthy cellular metabolism. Vegaplex™ ingredients include Agaricus blazei and maitake mushrooms, acerola cherries, blueberries and Vitamin B12. Vegaplex™ does not contain animal or animal by-products, gluten, preservatives, or dairy and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.*

What companion products could I take with Vegaplex™?

O-Seed® and E. EXCEL’s Essential Blend™ are great companion products to Vegaplex™. These products contain essential fatty acids which may be lacking from a vegan/vegetarian diet. O-Seed®’s vegan friendly Ωmega Blend is designed to support the body’s natural health, by providing the essential omega-3 fatty acids. O-Seed® contains chia seed and kiwifruit seed which have two of the best omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratios of any plant source. E. EXCEL’s Essential Blend™ contains omega-3 rich macadamia nut oil and perilla seed oil, when combined has a perfect 1:1 ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids your body craves, but cannot produce on its own.*

How quickly can I expect to experience beneficial effects from taking this product?

Please remember that our products are not drugs, nor are they a replacement for drugs and are not meant to treat, cure or prevent disease. Our products contain wholesome food ingredients, which support a safe and gradual but significant change, without drug-related side effects. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the results you desire may occur gradually. We encourage you to use our products together with the four pillars of health taught in the science of Nutritional Immunology, which empowers people to improve their lifestyle by: (1) making balanced wholesome food choices, (2) staying positive and happy, (3) regular exercise, and (4) getting sufficient sleep.*

Will this product interact with any of my medications? Should I take it if pregnant, nursing, or have any health issues?

While these products contain wholesome food botanicals and natural ingredients, as with any changes to diet or lifestyle, you should consult your doctor before using. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any health issues, we encourage you to check with your health care professional before use.

This information provided is intended for E. EXCEL USA only, and is in compliance with USA guidelines and regulations, pursuant to section 403(r)(6) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act published by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We at E. EXCEL North America strive to follow all governing regulations, labeling and testing for the USA following the guidelines from the FDA and FTC, and in Canada following the guidelines from Health Canada. Products and ingredients marketed in North America are currently registered in both Canada and the United States. Structure function claims may vary from country to country to meet each specific country rules and regulations. Therefore, E. EXCEL North America is not responsible for claims made in other countries.