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Eyes | No Sugar | Vegan Friendly

Helps to support eyes and vision.*

60 capsules
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Why should I take Vision™?

Vision™ is formulated with grape seeds which contain OPCs or oligomeric proanthocyanidins, and cassia tora seeds which contain bioflavonoids that have been researched extensively for their benefits to support and maintain eye health. OPCs and flavonoids are particularly important in supporting the integrity of the retina and cornea. The tiny cells in your eyes are bombarded by thousands of free radicals every day. While many foods we eat contain small amounts of flavonoids, they are not as common as they should be in most Western diets. Therefore, consuming botanical ingredients containing bioflavonoids like cassia tora seeds and grape seeds can offer an extra measure of antioxidant support for eye health.*

How are E•View™ and Vision™ companion products?

Vision™ is formulated to help support normal healthy vision and to help fight free radicals.

E•View™ is designed to extend these benefits to other aspects of eye health such as supporting those who experience excessive screen time, extended time in unprotected bright sunlight, and night blindness. E•View™ also supports normal tear production and overall health and wellness. We recommend taking both Vision™ and E•View™ for maximum support of one of your most valuable senses—your vision.*

How quickly can I expect to experience beneficial effects from taking this product?

Please remember that our products are not drugs, nor are they a replacement for drugs and are not meant to treat, cure or prevent disease. Our products contain wholesome plant food ingredients, which support a safe and gradual but significant change, without drug-related side effects. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the results you desire may occur gradually. We encourage you to use our products together with the four pillars of health taught in the science of Nutritional Immunology, which empowers people to improve their lifestyle by: (1) making balanced wholesome food choices, (2) staying positive and happy, (3) exercising daily, and (4) getting sufficient sleep.*

Will this product interact with any of my medications I may be using? Should I take it if pregnant or nursing?

While these products contain wholesome food botanicals and natural ingredients, as with any changes to diet or lifestyle, you should consult your doctor before using. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we encourage you to check with your health care professional before use.

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