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Eyes | No Sugar | Vegan Friendly

Helps to support eyes and vision.*

60 capsules

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Grape Seed, Cassia Tora Seed


  • Helps Protect the Cardiovascular and Nervous Systems from Free Radical Damage
  • May Help Improve Function of the Eyes
  • Enhances Liver Function
  • Helps Cleanse Damaging Toxins from the Liver

As we age, many factors affect our vision, including unstable free radicals. Seeking to stabilize themselves, free radicals steal electrons from our cells, damaging them. Antioxidants can donate electrons to free radicals, protecting our cells. Vision provides antioxidant nourishment for the eyes and body.

How Vision Works

Antioxidants have certain affinities for specific tissues, and they require specific vitamins, minerals and other compounds as their counterparts. For example, vitamin C makes the polyphenols in grape seed extract work more efficiently, requiring much lower levels than when polyphenols are isolated or concentrated out of the proper ratio with their counterparts. Vision supplies a variety of antioxidants and their counterparts in their naturally occurring ratios, including vitamins A, C and E.

Nutritional Immunology Formulation

Many popular antioxidant supplements and enhanced foods tout the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of their products, which measures the total antioxidant activity of a substance. Although ORAC provides an idea of the potential of a product, it tells nothing about the variety of antioxidants available or how the body uses them. Rather than focusing on a certain ORAC value, Vision uses a water-soluble grape seed extract to provide just the right balance of vitamins, polyphenols and other
naturally occurring antioxidant compounds. Studies show that a broad spectrum of antioxidants is safer and more effective for maintaining long term health than a single antioxidant with a much higher ORAC value.