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Fruits and vegetables can often carry potentially harmful residues. VegiWash™ helps removes these unwanted chemicals and waxy coatings. Just mix this concentrated wash with water, soak your fruits and vegetables, rinse and enjoy (for external use only).

350 ml (12 fl oz) |

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Deionized Water, Vegetable-derived non-ionic surfactant, Citrus fragrance, Botanical extracts (Cucumber, Lemon, Orange, Ginger, Cassia), Potassium sorbate, Citric acid


  • Cleans pesticides from produce
  • Removes wax
  • Quick and easy to use

Farm produce is often sprayed with pesticides, weed killers and disinfectants. This helps raise farm yields and protects the attractive appearance of the crops. The global usage of pesticide on farm produce is on the rise. However, pesticides are extremely harmful to human health. Their chemical residues can cause side effects such as nervous system problems, birth defects, lowered learning ability and organ damage.

Approximately 95% of all vegetables and fruits have surface chemical residue. Even organically grown produce may have some chemical residue due to contaminants in the soil.

VegiWash uses the finest plant-derived ingredients to effectively remove pesticides, wax and chemical pollutants on the surface of produce. It ensures that fruits and vegetables are clean and safe to consume without affecting taste. After washing fruits and vegetables in VegiWash solution, just rinse with clear water to remove any residues.

Use VegiWash to protect your family from harmful pesticides while enjoying peace of mind.

Use one capful per gallon (3.7856 litres) of water. Let produce soak in VegiWash for 1 minutes. Rinse well with water. For best results, do not re-use VegiWash solution for cleaning other fruits and vegetables.